Jordan J. Markham


Ph.D., Physics, Brown University - Infrared Vibrations in Sodium Chloride


1951 - 1954
Research Associate, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University
1954 - 1960
Research Scientist, Zenith Radio Corporation
1960 - 1981
Research Scientist, Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
1962 - 1981
Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology


Jordan J. Markham was a theoretical condensed matter physicist whose work focussed mainly on color centers in ionic crystals. After obtaining his Ph.D. he studied under Frederic Seitz, a prominent condensed matter physicist, at the University of Illinois. Markham worked at the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute before becoming a professor at the school and was chaired professor of the research institute for most of the time he worked at IIT. After retiring from IIT Markham lived in North Carolina for a short period until the death of his wife. After this he remarried and moved to southern Arizona where he stayed until his death in 2001. He had one daughter.

Notable Publications at IIT