Fritz C. Herlach (1932 - )


Diplom, Physics, ETH Zürich
Ph.D., Physics, ETH Zürich — Nuclear quadrupole resonances, phase transformations and ferroelectricity of the alkali iodates


1967 - 1968
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology
1968 - 1969
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology
1969 - 1972
Associate Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology


Fritz Herlach was born on February 9, 1932 in Zürich, Switzerland. He attended ETH Zürich where he earned both a Diplom in Physics (1956) and a Ph.D. in Physics (1960). Herlach spent one year as the leader of Prof. G. Busch's quadrupole resonances and dielectrics research group and then moved to a position with the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) at the Ionized Gas Laboratory in Frascati, Italy where he remained until 1967. In Frascati, Herlach's research turned from solid state physics to experiments using high explosives and megagauss magnetic fields. In 1967, Herlach came to Illinois Institute of Technology and held positions as Visiting Assistant Professor (1967), Visiting Associate Professor (1968), and Associate Professor of Physics (1969) until leaving in 1972 for a professorship at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Herlach's resaerch at Illinois Tech pursued development of explosive-driven flux compression techniques, electromagnetic flux compression, and in particular the exploding single-turn coil technique as a practical research instrument for experiments in the megagauss range with the minimal resources available at a university. He developed a bremsstrahlung experiment with both electromagnetic compression and (mainly) with the single-turn coil at the Stanford Linear Accelerator and explored cyclotron resonance in semiconductors. Herlach retired in 1997 and was honored with the first Megagauss Institute Award in 2006. [1]

Notable Publications while at Illinois Tech

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[1] The 2006 Megagauss Institute Award