Morton Alden Countryman (1903 - 1990)


B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota
M.S., Physics, Iowa State College
Ph.D., Physics, Iowa State College - The Effect of a Gas Film on Metal Surfaces Used for Electron Recording


1937 - 1940
Assistant Professor of Physics, Lewis Institute
1940 - 1943
Assistant Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology
1943 - 1959
Associate Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology


M. Alden Countryman joined Lewis institute as an Assistant Professor of Physics in 1936 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1943. He retired in 1959.

Throughout his career at IIT, Countryman was active in outreach activities, establishing a program called "science-at-your-door" in which he traveled to venues around the Chicago area in order to take the mystery out of science. This involved short talks and as well as demostrations.[1]

Countryman operated an unofficial weather station on campus during World War II and helped develop the Illinois Tech Signal Corps program.[2]



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