Forrest Fenton Cleveland (1906 - 1985)


A.B., Physics, Transylvania College
M.S., Physics, University of Kentucky
Ph.D., Physics, University of Kentucky - A Study of the Magnetic Forces between Moving Charges


1935 - 1939
Professor of Physics, Lynchberg College
1939 - 1940
Assistant Professor of Physics, Armour Institute of Technology
1940 - 1943
Associate Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology
1943 - 1972
Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology


Forrest Cleveland was an active contributor to the field of molecular spectroscopy. While at IIT, he founded the spectroscopy laboratory whose research focused on molecular spectroscopy, Raman and infrared spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules, and the theory of vibrational spectra. Cleveland had a very successful career in physics with over 80 publications. After retiring from IIT, Cleveland became Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of kentucky, Lexington until his death in 1985.

Cleveland was notable for his support of common language. In fact, he founded (in 1952) and continued to publish the journal, Spectroscopia Molecular, entirely in interlingua for over 27 years.[1]

Notable Publications at IIT


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